Welcome to Groupe 1602

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we are a Dutch powerhouse in Marketing and Distribution, specializing in navigating and thriving in global markets. We collaborate closely with our partners to distribute their brands and products using bespoke marketing strategies.

Leveraging our expertise

At the heart of Groupe 1602’s (sixteen-o-two) operations is a deep understanding of niche markets and the specific distribution needs they entail. We leverage our expertise and robust infrastructure to transform every business or brand into a resounding success.

Spanning numerous countries, our global operations are supported by an extensive network of customers, suppliers, and partners. This international presence not only fuels our growth but also provides unique opportunities to collaborate across diverse cultures and geographies.

Our success is anchored in strong partnerships, driving growth and prosperity for our suppliers, customers, shareholders, and all brands of Groupe 1602. We continuously strive to strengthen these relationships, enhancing our capacity to be an even more effective partner.

“With operations in many countries and a network of global partners, we offer unparalleled opportunities to work across geographies and cultures.”

Heritage and pioneering spirit

Groupe 1602’s name pays homage to our Dutch heritage and the pioneering spirit of The Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from the VOC, the first multinational corporation founded in 1602 and a precursor to the modern stock exchange, we embody the same innovative and entrepreneurial ethos.

The foundation of Groupe 1602 was laid with a passion for the food and hospitality sectors. Today, we are a diversified conglomerate, closely collaborating with our brands to distribute their products through bespoke marketing strategies.

Our portfolio is a testament to our diverse interests, encompassing four main categories, this range features esteemed brands, showcasing our commitment to quality and excellence in every domain we touch.